Passionate about discovering ways to serve you and your customers better.

Elevate Your Spa, Salon or Studio Experience

From infused spa waters to functional teas, our microground blends reinforces wellness frim within, elevating your clients' experience at your spa, salon or studio. Serve before, during or after a session and stock on your retail shelves for your clients to take home.

Expand Your Cafe Menu

Serve unique functional lattes and elixirs, expand your non-caffeinate options, offer add-on boosters to breakfast items, and get creative incorporating our microground into your own recipes. Stock on retail shelves for a unique find that has your customers coming back for more.

  • Getting You What You Need

    From tea menus to recipe ideas, we've got you covered! Our team is here to work with you to ensure that Parch is a success for your business so send us your ideas and we'll work with you to make it happen.

  • Save Valuable Time

    Our innovative microground blends offer almost instant steeping and maximum herbal infusion, all without the need for tea bags and filters. Plus, they blend seamlessly into milk for the most delicious lattes.

  • So Many Options

    Flexibility and creativity was a key driver in the development of our microground blends. Serve cold as an herbal elixir, flavor carbonated water in a mocktail, boost oatmeals and puddings, add to baking and ice-creams for a unique twist. Sell at retail for a unique product your customers will keep coming back for.