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12 Pack - Cranberry Herbal Tea (only available for pick-up)

12 Pack - Cranberry Herbal Tea (only available for pick-up)

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Parch Cranberry is a modern take on our Traditional Chinese herbal tea with a hint of cranberry. Traditionally, this tea (or leung cha) is used to offset excessive internal heat caused by eating fried, salty or spicy foods. It is gentle enough for your regular enjoyment.

No artificial preservatives, small-batch brewed in Alberta, Canada.

Benefits: Detoxify the body, reduce inflammation, improve gut health and boost immunity, balances body's harmony by reducing yin deficiency

For Those Who: Run warm/hot, have dry mouth, night sweats, warm/sweaty palms and soles, flushed face

Pair With: Fried, spicy or salty foods, hot soups, chocolate

Ingredients: Water, Cranberry Juice, Chinese Brown Sugar (Cane Sugar, Water), Fan Bai Cao (Potentilla Discolor), Xia Ku Cao (Prunella Vulgaris), Malic Acid

Quantity: 355ml per bottle

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