Our Roots, Your Daily Ritual

Between family, friends, and work, it’s hard to take time for yourself. We make it easier than ever before to benefit from traditional Chinese herbs and create your unique moments of selfcare.

Our professionally crafted blends contain the highest quality ingredients, milled into a fine powder to maximize their benefits, taste, and convenience.

Add 1 teaspoon to water, milk/non-dairy alternatives, smoothies, oatmeal, congee, ice-cream, baking, and much more!

Two Collections Launching Soon

Traditional Blends Collection

Delicious Classic Chinese Wellness Blends For Everyday

  • GLOW


    Stop and smell the roses while sipping on this ancient Chinese antioxidant rich superfood blend. It calms the mind, reduces bloating and promotes healthy skin so you can glow from within.



    Recharge your battery naturally with this caffeine-free alternative! This balanced and nourishing blend boosts your energy, reduces stress and eases irritability to lift you up. 



    Feel lighter and invigorated by activating your digestive process! This traditional blend opens your appetite, calms the stomach and regulates your qi so you can keep going. 

Tea Blends Collection

Ground Superfood Tea Blends For More Energy, Increased Calmness And Greater Wellbeing


Be transported with this nostalgic superfood black tea blend as you prepare your own signature milk teas and lemon teas. 


Sit back and take a pause with your custom green tea creation using this smooth blend infused with superfoods. 


Add flavor and depth to your favorite concoctions any time of day with this toasty, roasty superfood hojicha blend. 

More Than Tea

Parch blends make it super easy for you to add Chinese superfoods to your favorite food and drinks, or use them in your own custom creations!

"At Parch, we envision a future where we can effortlessly create unique moments of wellness and connect with each other through traditions, curiosity and stories. "