Wholesale Ordering Form

  • Parch Promo Match

    Our wholesale partners are an extension of our business. If you decide to run a promotion on your Parch products, we will match your discount (up to 20%) in the form of a credit for your next order.

  • Getting You What You Need

    From menus to recipe ideas, we've got you covered! Our team is here to work with you to ensure that Parch is a success for your business. Go ahead, send us your ideas and we'll work with you to make them happen!

  • Save Valuable Time

    Our innovative tea elixir blends offer quickly dissolve and provide maximum herbal infusion, all without the need for tea bags and filters.

  • Optionality

    Flexibility and creativity was a key driver in the development of our tea elixir blends. Serve cold as an herbal elixir, flavor carbonated water in a mocktail, boost oatmeals and puddings, add to baking and ice-creams for a unique twist. Sell at retail for a unique product your customers will keep coming back for.

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