Parch is not only herbal tea, it is also a way for us to share and preserve a small but significant part of our Chinese-Canadian heritage.  We hope to empower others to share their cultures and traditions in the hopes of creating a more inclusive, accepting society.  

— Candy Lam & Joyce Lam,
Founders of Parch


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The Chinese herbal tea "leung cha 涼茶" directly translates to "cooling tea". It is a beverage traditionally consumed for over a hundred years and is a part of Hong Kong's intangible cultural heritage. 

Parch offers a modern take on the traditional Chinese herbal tea. This unprecedented collection of "leung cha 涼茶" combines culture and wellness for a refreshingly unique experience.

Parch teas are crafted to the highest quality, have no artificial preservatives, and are small batch brewed in Canada. Because what you drink matters.

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Growing up as Chinese-Canadians in Calgary, sisters Candy Lam and Joyce Lam would drink “leung cha 涼茶" from their parents whenever their bodies felt off-balance. Indulgent activities such as enjoying fried, salty or greasy foods resulted in excessive internal heat in their bodies and they craved the cooling nature of “leung cha 涼茶".

As adults who moved away from home, these teas were not accessible, and Parch was created.

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To encourage a well-balanced life by celebrating cultural diversity through delicious herbal teas.

Wing Kei Walkathon


Parch is a proud supporter of Wing Kei Care Centre in Calgary, AB. Candy and Joyce have been active volunteers at the care home in the past and are excited to give back through charitable donations and outreach.

Wing Kei provides culturally sensitive care and recognizes the importance of surrounding seniors with what they know: languages they speak and understand, food that tastes and smells familiar, activities that create new memories, and touch on the past.