Creating products in Canada with traditional Chinese roots

Founded with Intention.

Growing up as Chinese-Canadians, our parents would express their love to us with food that reminded them of their home before we immigrated to Canada. If we felt bloated, tired or "yeet hay" , there was a tea for that.

As we got older, we noticed the loss of the traditions that defined us. Among these traditions was the comforting aroma of our family's teas. These blends, steeped in history and tradition, provided not just nourishment, but a sense of belonging and identity. We missed having these traditions in our lives because they formed an important part of who we are.

Driven by the desire to reclaim and preserve this part of our heritage, we crafted a convenient interpretation of these timeless teas with experts that honour our past and embraces the present.

To us, Parch is more than a business; it's a vessel of connection and preservation. We hope to contribute to the bridge between diverse backgrounds, a reminder of the warmth found in shared memories.

  • Quality

    We create products that we use ourselves and love sharing with family and friends. Through sourcing, authentication, and testing, we provide the highest quality of Chinese herbs you can find.

  • Convenience

    We make it easier than ever before to benefit from traditional Chinese herbs and create your unique moments of selfcare. Get creative and explore new ways to incorporate our premium blends.

  • 30 Day Happiness Guarantee

    At Parch, we want you to have a harmonious, stress-free experience. If you don't love your order, let us know within 30 days of your order date and we will make it right.

For The Greater Good.

Coming from an immigrant family, we experienced first-hand, the sacrifice and determination of those who have left their homes in search for a better life.

At Parch, we are excited to give back to Wing Kei Care Centre in Calgary, Canada - our home. Wing Kei provides culturally sensitive care to seniors and recognizes the importance of surrounding them with what they know: languages they speak and understand, food that tastes and smells familiar, activities that create new memories, and touch on the past.

Visit Wing Kei Care Center