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Unwrap the magic of tradition with instant flavour and timeless wisdom this holiday season.

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Instant Tea Elixirs


To make it easy

No Sugars, Sweeteners, Preservatives

Pure natural ingredients

Vegan & Gluten-Free

With wild-harvested herbs

Timeless Herbal Tradition

Expertly formulated to help you feel your best

Unlock the Power of Chinese Herbal Tradition

Expertly formulated to encapsulate centuries of wisdom in every sip.

No preparation. No guess-work. Real benefits.

Real Fruit + Tea

Boosted with rejuvenating superfood adaptogens

Real Fruit Extracts | No Sugar or Sweeteners | Decaffeinated

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Elevated Classics

Premium roasted, green and black teas made dissolvable to boost your immunity and reduce stress

Regular or Decaf | No Sugar or Sweeteners

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"We believe that there is a need for connection through the roots of our ancestors. We created Parch to share our Chinese traditions with you, help you create your own moments of wellness, and hope to spark cultural curiosity and connection."

Candy & Joyce (Sisters, Co-Founders)

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