An effortless way to embrace richness of Chinese herbal tradition.

No Preparation. Expertly Formulated. Real Benefits.

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Embrace the Richness of Herbal Traditions

Traditional preparation of hearty Chinese herbs can be time-consuming - cleaning, soaking, and hours of brewing. Plus, simply steeping loose herbs and tea bags won't unlock their full benefits.

The Solution- Instant Tea Elixirs

Each Instant Tea Elixir is a dissolvable powder blend unlocking the benefits Chinese herbs in seconds, not hours. Discover delicious herbal blends that deliver results with every sip.

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"We believe that there is a need for connection through the roots of our ancestors. We created Parch to share our Chinese traditions with you, help you create your own moments of wellness, and hope to spark cultural curiosity and connection."

Candy & Joyce (Sisters, Co-Founders)

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