Nurture your mind, body and spirit, with the rich traditions of Chinese culture and wellness.

Enhance With Our Traditional Blends

Our range of expertly crafted Chinese herbal blends have been cherished for their benefits for over 2000 years.

Glow from within, lift your spirit and calm your digestion with these signature blends.

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Restore With Our Tea Blends

Upgrade your favorite teas with our range of tea blends infused with the holy trinity of Chinese herbs - astragalus root, goji berry, and red jujube.

Designed to restore balance and build resilience for more energy, increased calmness and greater wellbeing.

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  • Convenience With Less Waste

    Our specially selected combination of herbs sink to the bottom of your cup revealing a clear and fragrant tea while eliminating the waste from teabag filters or cleanup from loose-leaf infusers.

  • Maximize Benefits and Taste

    Our microground seamlessly blends into milk/dairy-free alternatives in a latte, bringing you the full nutritional value of consuming the whole herb. In a traditional tea, get almost instant steeping and maximum herbal infusion.

  • Get Creative

    Boost your smoothies, oatmeal and congee with our blends or use them for delicious flavor in ice-cream, baking, soups and much more!

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